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Will show a overall overview and installation setup with the tools we'll use throughout the course.

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In the middle, here, you can see our viewport, where we'll be able to look at our sword. Having different angles can be helpful sometimes, which you can toggle here on the top left-hand corner of each screen. So you can see here we've got orthographic, front, left, and perspective. If we want to maximize one of the views, go to the plus button here and maximize viewport, which is also alt W. We can also switch from orthographic to perspective, and vice versa. And also, change the different views here. You can see the toggle the hotkeys here, T for the top, B for the bottom, F for the front, and so on.
If you can complete the lesson, you will learn a brief overview and installation setup.

How does 3D Max work?
3ds Max is a computer graphics program for creating 3D models, animations, and digital images

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