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In this lesson, we'll be learning how to organize our UVs to create a UV map for our sword.

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We'll want to do this to combine all of our weapons and our parts of the sword. So let's start with the blade. Go to the second tab. And let's go to attach and just click on all the different pieces that make up the sword. Perfect. So now, we shouldn't have anything in these two layers here. So we can just delete these. We can rename this sword has renamed the slayer sword. And we can rename this object's sword as well. So now what we want to do is go to unwrap UV W. And let's take a look at what we have in the UV Editor. If you can complete the lesson, you will learn to organize our UVs to create a UV map for our sword.

3D Studio Max
3ds Max, formerly known as 3D Studio Max, has been in the game for some time. After various test versions, it settled on 3D Studio Max in 1996 (later renamed 3ds Max).

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