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Learn how to color in our weapon using our UV map , step by step easily. and know about render.

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The first thing we want to do is render out our UV map by going to tools and render UV  templates. Here we can decide how big we want our UV map to be. So, in this case, we'll leave it at 1024 by 1024. And go ahead and render. Now, once this has been caused, it should be pretty much instantaneous. All you need to do from here is click on the Save Image button and decide where to save it. I've kept it under here. I saw the underscore UV. Click on the Save button. And he's okay, making sure that you've also ticked the alpha channel box. So let's close all this down. By the end of the lesson, you will have learned to color your weapon using our UV map.

You can find 3D Studio Max here
3D Studio Max is a program for professionals in 3D, but you can always look for a good manual and get prepared to enter the design 3D.

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